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  Creating a leading brand of Young Productive Citizens

As a leading brand of Young Productive Citizens we've created this opportunity in a way that’s focussed, valuable, and––most importantly––very exciting to our target audience. It’s a different approach, with many practical skills. 

It’s OURS: As we build this community together, we have some great features for creating exclusive content, deeper conversations, and online events. 

We share the same interest: We shall work on projects which will strengthen each ones inner potential and individual needs. 

We can bring together more in one place: By launching this community, we can introduce you to other target audience. This way we start to learn, grow and achieve goals together. 

What You Should Expect From YPC-code of honour

We will teach our young inventive community how to live an intentional lifestyle in a holistic  way. Our Train-The-Trainer, Mentor- Protege and Peer to Peer educational programs will result in polished Young Productive Citizens who's aim is to achieve greater heights. With the skills obtained they:

Start to build-up their resume and portfolio, by finding inspiration each and every day to present the things that are most important to us.

Create a network of like-minded people, wherein they swap stories, experiences, and ideas around their shared mission.

Will be surrounded by people who will add rocket fuel to them and our community.

We value our citizens and therefore monitor and document their performing level in a digital resume-portfolio format, which fully represent their greatness. Within our SDG-Society we provide an holistic approach wherein we acknowledge each individual's core principles formulated as: The Act of Wisdom, Appreciation of Masterminds, Recognizing the Manifestations and magnificent results of our visionaries.

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