YPC-Code of Honour

We strive for our Young Productive Citizens (YPC) to be better than they were the day before and to daily achieve greater heights in life. Each personal best is greatly celebrated through our annual award/ achievement ceremony, yet with the richness of our curricula we strive to cultivate the highest performing level at our JCME-Society

YPC-COH Members:

  • We expect active participation of the designated Learnng Coach and its attendee(s)
  • We invest in our members proposals and expect the guidelines to be followed accordingly 
  • Enrollments are open! Keep in mind that only a reserved amount of spots are available.

This amazing Broadcast & Media Recognition allows our participants to present their skills to a broad national and international network. This recognition is FREE of charge and accessible to all minors. There is no closing date!  

Why is this free opportunity year-round so beneficial?

  • Many times programs are tempoary and after certification has been obtained the knowledge fades away, for there is no further practice. Through our platform we aim to provide life-long learnng success and that can only be attained by continuous practice. 
  • The opportunity provides each individual to enhance their English and Media Appearance skills.
  • It offers the participants to meet and learn with others.

NOTE: We publically broadcast submissions received!  

YPC-COH Inspirators Alliance

Code of Honour Award (COH) goes out to the leaders who inspire their community, are real team player, and encourages others to achieve their goals. 

YPC-COH Healthy & Wellness Alliance

Code of Honour Award (COH) for a Healthy Lifestyle goes out to leaders who provide their community with effective Health & Wellness resources.

YPC-COH Living Values Alliance

Code of Honour Award (COH) for living the values goes out to leaders with the best way of using and implementing daily life skills at home, at school, club activities.

YPC-COH Entrepreneurship Alliance

Code of Honour Award (COH) for Young Productive Citizens goes out to the greatest mastermind and most inventive initiatives from our young entrepreneurs.

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