Welcome to our Sustainable Development Goal-Society (SDG)

Our virtual platform allows youngsters to obtain skills from the comfort of their home, implement them in their daily life and become productive citizens in their community. Achieving goals, all starts here at OKE TVonline. We are an interactive and innovative digital community wherein we embrace and broadcast the prestigious accomplishments of our young productive citizens.

By entering our SDG-Society, the Junior Citizen will be asked what goals they would like to accomplish. Together with our partners, we develop a customized program and financially invest to accomplish their goals. Per program necessary tools will be provided to captivate their attention, but above all to attain life-long-learning success.

 We daily value transformations and respect how each one evolves. This all to enhance the quality of life personally appreciated and combine effort to reach the ultimate aim:

“Betterment of our community.”

Putting the future in motion

We are putting the future in motion, by helping youngsters to achieve their goals and embrace the visionaries amongst us. Through formation and exploration within our E-Society, each individual will benefit from:

  • Theoretical skills to be practically integrated within their community
  • More opportunities for Junior Citizens, in order for them to feel valuable to their home country
  • A paradigm shift which will positively influence each mindset

Pre-Ivy League Program

Our Pre-Ivy League program includes a 12 months, 7 days a week training sessions and a curriculum with enhancement content for extra ordinary learners amongst us. With much enthusiasm we would like to officially launch this program and present our recently proven facts on a greater scale. The program shall offer the possibility to new trainees to enroll and evolve in a growth and development program to elite status. Dr. Tilborg, currently our sole professional in this domain, is ready to expand her knowledge in regards to Ivy League status development. This way she wants to give back to the community and create more opportunities for extra ordinary learners.

 All programs are executed under the umbrella organization Tilborg Education. Felicia Tilborg Educational Institution is a registered NPO under the law of Suriname and a registered homeschool provider in the United States of America. OKE TVonline is being supported by its social enterpreneurs and partners with national and international affiliates

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