Meet our President Felicia E.L. Tilborg DLE

"The power of educating doesn’t root in the overload of lessons, but in the constructive way of teaching." ~Felicia E.L. Tilborg DLE

Greetings everyone, my name is Felicia E.L. Tilborg, known from the edutainment character Miss ILY. I am pleased to announce that 2022 marks 22 years of being an early childhood professional, 17 years as a certified child & youth advocate and 14 years experienced life coach mainly in the academic and holistic domain. Very excited I announce to virtually celebrate these achievements with educators, youngsters, families and all who are interested in tips to enhance human growth and development, but also how to achieve a well rounded career destination for students of the 21st century. I will provide supportive content to youngsters and their families to avoid learning pressure, stress, and other negative energy. Let's build a healthy lifestyle together and reach greater heights. FREE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE: | Instagram: Felicia Tilborg

Felicia Tilborg, Academic Life Coach
  • NL- Elementary School "De Zeearend"
  • USA- JC's Early Learning Center, Inc
  • USA- Family Management Centre, Inc.
  • USA- Felicia Tilborg&Co Social Enterprise
  • USA- MOU Polk Works/ Workforce 2020
  • USA- SK Entertainment, Inc.
  • Senegal, Dakar- ABC Education for Children
  • Suriname- Family Management Centre
  • Suriname- O.K.E TVonline
  • Suriname- Vice President Moravian Congregation District Para
  • Suriname- The first to establish a new sport department of Sports Association Yellow Birds in District Para
  • Guyana- Ezekiel Elite Sports Academy

Recognized for establishing excelling development programs for children, youths & families 


Respectable accomplishments and media recognition as educator/ life coach:

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